7 Easiest Tech Skills to Learn in 2024

Tech Skills

What are Tech Skills?

Tech Skills are generally refer to the technical abilities and proficiencies that individuals possess in the field of technology. These skills are crucial for professionals to effectively navigate and contribute to the rapidly evolving landscape of the tech industry. Technology skills can be categorized into various domains, including programming, software development, system administration, network management, cybersecurity, data analysis, and more

Every computer specialist today was once a newcomer to information technology, and they may have begun by learning the most popular Tech skills of the moment and progressively mastered them.

Aside from soft skills, there are a few technical abilities that anyone can learn and master. We’ve compiled a list of the top seven easiest tech skills to learn in 2023 to help you get started in your IT career.

Innovation is omnipresent, and technology leads the way in adopting innovation. There were times when IT career seekers with little or no relevant tech skills struggled to find work in the IT field, but the market has since introduced new tech capabilities.

This article highlights the easiest tech skills to learn in 2024 to find a job with consistent growth.

Every technology seeks optional prerequisites before getting started. We’ve compiled a list of talents that don’t require any prior technical knowledge—familiarity with computers, the internet, and a persistent desire to master the technology will suffice. The following IT skills will help you seize opportunities. We generated the list based on job advertisements on numerous employment portals and the abilities specified as mandatory

7 Skills to Learn in 2024

1. Network Maintenance

Network maintenance entails tasks required to keep a network working well. It entails the ability to troubleshoot problems and provide solutions, as well as knowledge of hardware and software installation and configuration, network performance monitoring and improvement, network security against threats, and network growth planning by incorporating new architecture designs for scalability.

Network and computer system administrators, IT networking teachers, integration developers, software and application engineers, and computer maintenance technicians are all examples of technical occupations that require network maintenance abilities.

Learn Network maintenance at The Nigeria Institute of Information Technology.

2. Software Testing

In 2024, software testing remains a crucial skill as technology continues to advance rapidly. Learning software testing ensures you can identify and eliminate defects in software, improving product quality and user satisfaction. With the increasing complexity of software systems, companies value individuals who can assure the reliability, security, and performance of their applications. Software testing skills are not only essential for traditional roles but are also highly relevant in emerging fields like automation, DevOps, and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD). Mastering software testing opens doors to diverse career opportunities and is a key asset in the ever-evolving tech landscape. one of the best academy.

Learn software testing at Qavdev

3. Mobile Development

Mobile development includes the creation of mobile applications. Understanding programming languages like HTML and CSS is also a crucial aspect of working as a mobile developer. Other careers requiring mobile development expertise include mobile software project coordinators and iOS developers.

These professions require primary expertise in mobile app architecture development, UI/UX design, and mobile app testing and deployment. Advanced talents that can help you at work include performance optimization, machine learning integration, and mobile DevOps methods.

4. Microsoft Excel

Regardless of the platform on which you work in the IT business, you cannot avoid utilizing Excel in your daily routine. Excel is a simple tool for tracking, visualizing, and presenting data that is suitable for all professionals. Using Excel does not require any specific training, but making the greatest use of it does. Popular magazines publish the importance of Excel now and then to raise awareness about how crucial it is to study and master Excel for faster progress in the IT sector.

Google Spreadsheets are the online counterpart of Microsoft Excel, with essentially equal capabilities. Spreadsheets have grown in popularity as cloud sharing has become a standard in every workplace.

The following are some occupations that employers are looking for, and knowledge of Excel is required to apply. Excel’s adoption in organizations and workflows has led experts to consider it the future of business intelligence.

5. SQL

SQL, the structured query language, has been the most sought-after expertise since its inception. The syntax used for SQL queries is intuitively understandable and easy to recall once used. Regardless of their academic background, anyone with a basic understanding of computers may begin learning SQL and master the essentials within months. Careers that begin with SQL skills as the primary building block will have numerous opportunities.

We live in an era where data has become immutable, making data storage and management a critical component of all industries. Today, new technologies are developing that are built on the foundation of SQL.

6. Robotics

Robotics is the design, construction, and operation of robots using research from computer science and engineering.

These robots are important for a variety of technical advancements, including medical, as well as for repetitive or hazardous duties that people generally perform. Robotics jobs include engineers, technicians, operators, sales engineers, and robotics account managers.

You may need to be proficient in a variety of programming languages, including Python and Java, as well as robot-specific programming languages such as ROS.

To develop various robotic components, one must also have practical knowledge of mechanical design concepts and electrical components.

It may be necessary to understand how to integrate AI into tasks like speech, navigation, and object detection and recognition.

7. GIT

GIT is an easy-to-learn technology for anyone looking to begin their IT profession. Git is a version control system that lets you track open-source software during and after development, as well as its progress over time.

Git is the go-to tool for many developers around the world who continue to work on open-source projects to improve their professional skills.

is a cloud platform that enables developers to manage git repositories. Knowing git and having hands-on experience with GitHub is regarded as a required ability for a software engineer in today’s times, which indirectly reflects the number of opportunities available to those who master git and GitHub.

Git alone is insufficient to acquire a job; you must also learn a programming language, and HTML may be the perfect companion because these two abilities are easy to learn and master together.

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