9 Tips and Tricks for ISTQB Certification Success

The International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) certification is highly regarded in the field of software testing. With the certification demonstrating your knowledge and expertise in the field, it takes effort and dedication to pass the exams.

According to statistics, over 1.2 million exams were administered by the board in 2023 and that number is set to increase in 2024. Due to its status in the industry, passing the ISTQB requires great attention and adequate preparation.

Aspirants need help as they will be drilled on all software testing principles, methodologies, and practices. Having a great understanding of how the exam work will help such aspirant navigate through the exam with less stress and difficulties.

Here are tips and tricks for ISTQB Certification Success, if followed properly, aspirant will have no issues passing the exam in flying color.

Tips and Tricks for ISTQB Certification Success


Get Resources Attached to the exam


Having registered for the exam, your first step towards attaining success is by getting all the resources attached to ISTQB Certification exam. The exam board have ensured aspirant get all the needed help and are not left in the dark.

Here are some resources all aspirants must lay their hands on:

  • Syllabus

Syllabus is the basis of all that you need to know for the ISTQB Foundation Level exam. It consists of general objectives, glossary, learning objectives for different knowledge areas, key concepts, references to sources (literature, standards, etc.).

Available on the ISTQB official website, the syllabus gives a comprehensive understanding of concepts and test techniques for all sorts of projects, including Agile. The syllabus also discusses different types of software development lifecycles and methods not going into too much detail.

Read the Syllabus and ensure you understand what is required of each chapter.

  • Glossary

This source helps a lot with unclear or unknown terms. There are 589 terms sorted alphabetically with definitions, synonyms, references, and versions. You can download a Glossary app on your mobile device or make use of the web version.

  • Get Courses

An important step you should not take lightly, getting a course on ISTQB Certification on learning platforms will open you to all the required skills needed to ace the exam.

Get Official ISTQB books


Obtain the official ISTQB books and study materials recommended for the exam. These resources are designed to align with the ISTQB syllabus and cover the required knowledge areas. They provide comprehensive explanations, examples, and exercises to deepen your understanding of software testing concepts and methodologies.

Additionally, you can visit the official ISTQB website, which provides valuable information about the certification process, the syllabus, and sample questions.

Join Study Platform


Often times, software testers tend to learn better and efficient when they are among like minds. For your ISTQB Certification exam, it is advisable you study alongside colleagues in the industry who are also writing similar exam.

With this, you will be able to keep track of your learning, test yourself and discover where you are lacking behind.

Enroll in approved training providers


Consider joining an ISTQB-approved training course. Training providers like Qavdev offer structured classes led by experienced instructors who can guide you through the syllabus, clarify complex topics, and provide additional study materials and practice exams.

For software tester who prefer a more structured and guided approach to learning, QAVDEV limited offers comprehensive training on ISTQB Certification exam. Our platform has top experienced expert who will put you through all that’s needed to ace the exam.

A training has been set up for September 7th, 2024 which focuses on topics including, fundamentals of testing, testing throughout SDLC, Static testing, Test Analysis and design, Managing test activities, and Test tool.

You can send us a message to  register here

How to boost our career with ISTQB?


Test Yourself with Past Questions

Having gotten all the resources listed above including enrolling yourself in a certified training institution like QAVDEV Limited, the next step is to test yourself with past questions relating to ISTQB Certification exam.

Past questions on ISTQB certification exam are available on platforms such as QAVDEV Limited. These questions will give you the idea of what to expect and how to answer these questions.

Understand the structure of the exam


The Foundation Level exam can be taken online or you can opt for a written exam. The test has 40 MCQ’s (Multiple choice questions). The passing percentage is 65% . You need 26 marks to get through the exam. The best part is there is no negative marking for incorrect answers.

Understand the distribution of questions per cognitive level


Concentrate on K1 questions. You get 50% of the questions from K1 which are straightforward and easier to answer than questions of other cognitive levels. Never make a mistake in answering a K1 question. It greatly increases your chance of clearing the ISTQB exam.


Time Management is essential


One of the most critical parts of ISTQB exam all aspirants must look into is time management. Focusing on time management is crucial when preparing for the ISTQB exam.

Though there are a lot of topics to cover, you have limited time. However, effective time management ensures you allocate sufficient attention to each topic and maximize your study efforts. Set specific goals and allocate study hour for each goal.

You should also keep track of the goal, ensure you tick the right button when they are achieved.

Practical Experience is needed


While studying the theoretical concepts and principles is essential, applying them in real-world scenarios solidifies your understanding and prepares you for practical testing challenges. Learning through practical experience is vital to preparing for the ISTQB exam.

To achieve this, seeking opportunities to gain hands-on experience, such as participating in software testing projects or working on test cases.



The International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) certification will continue its dominance and its advisable for all software testers to enroll for the certification exam. Aside from its global recognition, holders of this certificate are open to work at the highest level, get more job opportunities and earn much more than those who are yet to get certified.

However, getting the ISTQB certification requires passing the exam.

Preparing for the exam requires a strategic approach. Aspirants are advised to get the syllabus, obtain the official ISTQB books and study materials recommended for the exam. You should also consider joining an ISTQB-approved training center such as QAVDEV Limited.

Lastly, practicing with past question and managing your time will help you navigate through the exam process with less stress. ISTQB certification will boost your career as a software tester, take that bold step today.

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